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Rome is a city so steeped in history its legacy is hard to avoid. The city resembles a vast open-air museum where the present persists on top of the past, as it has for more than two-and-a-half millennia. With so many monuments, museums and masterpieces to view, the decision on where to begin can be overwhelming.
The 'centro storico' contains the greatest concentration of Classical Roman and Christian sites in a comparatively small area, but almost every palazzo, piazza and park has its own heritage, permeated with history, from Etruscan to Renaissance and more recently through cinema classics by filmmakers such as Frederico Fellini and Vittorio de Sica.
The profusion of Renaissance and Baroque art works commissioned and collected by popes and prosperous Roman families over 500 years, have been conscientiously preserved (in many instances in their original location) by the Italian government, allowing visitors to appreciate the masterpieces as their patrons intended, in surroundings which are themselves works of art.

Tours and Sightseeing in Rome: Visit all the key sites, including the Colosseum and Vatican, with audio commentary with this hop-on-hop-off tour.

Museum of Galleria Borghese
- Recently reopened following a fourteen-year renovation programme...

Galleria Colonna
- The gallery was conceived as a work of art in itself...

Modern Communal Gallery
- The collection is made up of over 4000 pieces...

Gallery of the National Academy of St. Luca
- One of Rome's most prestigious galleries...

Doria Pamphili Gallery
- Inside the majestic Palazzo Doria Pamphili...

Modern National Gallery
- Representing artists from contemporary art movements...

Spada Gallery
- The Spada family collection of artistic works...

Barberini Palace and National Gallery of Antique Art
- One of the grandest palaces in Rome...

Corsini Gallery
- A relatively small, attractive gallery...

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